About Me


My interest in photography began as a child. I was constantly giving my dad film to be developed, so often in fact, that he had to give me a monthly limit of rolls he would develop. This passion has stuck with me and I have developed it and merged it with my interests, such as being creative, love of animals, nature, travel and family.

I love capturing moments that happen in a split second. With sports photography I can capture the raw expressions of joy, concentration, disappointment, fear, or pride. The best part is being able to share those moments in a photograph.

I enjoy doing portraiture for families and kids. I keep things fun and laid back so true personalities can shine through and unexpected moments can be captured on film.

For me, nature and landscape photography is all about capturing an image that conveys an emotion and triggers a memory. Looking at the image can take me back to that place in an instant. There is beauty all around and I have found it in surprising places.

Animals have always fascinated me and I enjoy the challenge that comes with capturing their unique personalities. Freezing their unpredictable, contrite, and exuberant expressions to film makes the challenge very rewarding.

There are many specialized areas of photography. I have found that my specialty is not necessarily in the posed moment, but in those moments in between. I would love the opportunity to work with you to capture the important moments in your life.

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